Since the best time to hunt for the Northern Lights are around November before the snow starts, my friends and I head out to Lapland via the overnight VR trains. With Finland having over 41 national parks, each with its nature trails, my friends and I began our Lapland trip at the Könkäänsaari Nature Trail. One step into the trail and I was blown away by the scenery.

The cold wind blew with the sound of water crashing against the rocks. It felt fantastic. We stood there and absorbed the scenery for a long time. It got me to reflect on my SUTD journey and how it all came to this moment. A moment where I felt alive and grateful for how far I have come and the friends I have made. As cliche as it sounds, the peace and quiet really gives you space to think.

Onwards to the hunt for the Northern Lights, we packed our camera gear and joined our tour guide, Alexi. He drove us into the remote locations of Lapland, where there would be fewer people and less light pollution. In the first location, we could barely see the lights. In the second location, the Nothern lights suddenly became more active, and through the camera lens, we captured this.

Who would have thought I would see the Nothern Lights in my life? I definitely didn’t. As we rushed to take more and more pictures, our tour guide made a campfire for us to rest in between and drink some traditional Finnish drink called Glögi. Drinking a warm drink along side a campfire and the Northern Lights is an experience I would not trade for anything.

This summarizes my trip to Lapland, Finland. Nothing beats seeing natural landscapes and even the Northern Lights with my friends.


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