I dedicate this blog entry to the group of Taiwanese friends who stuck throughout my journey here. I am touched by their small gestures that meant too much. I couldn’t ask for better guardians than these people from the 崇德青年社 Club.

Their goal is simple yet humbling: to provide a sense of belonging to the students of NCTU and NHTU.

If I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t believe the amount of effort and heart they put into that goal. It’s heart-warming.

On Mid-Autumn Festival:

I thought I would spend a mooncake-less Mid-Autumn Festival. Guess they didn’t let me.

On my first 谚语茶会:

Very. Introspective.

One fine day they decided to share with us their cooking:

Just because.

On my exams week:

They literally went out into the cold and wind, walked to our hostels, then the library, and then the hostel again to send each of us night snacks – and a beautiful note. :’)

On the last day of my exams:

I was surprised they even remembered when I was ending my exams!

Who are they?

Family from another country.

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