First week went by in a flurry of new and excitement. The initial dark clouds and rain did little to dampen the spirits of the five of us.  They soon gave way to brilliant blue skies with spots of fast-moving clouds. One has to see for himself the Taiwanese skies during autumn, especially with the impending typhoon approaching the south, to grasp the illusion of low-hanging clouds when they are moving fast. Massive clouds raced across the wide sky like planes flying in unison.

In addition to the beautiful skies, one only has to look above the buildings to see the magnificent mountains that extend across the core of the island. If mountains are not your thing, look in the opposite direction to see the vast sea with a beach that spans more than 400m at low tides. Enjoy an unobstructed view of the horizon where the blue sky seem to blend into the water like a painting. Immerse in the picturesque scenes that seem to come straight out of a movie.

Nature in Taiwan is truly breath-taking; being a place unmarred by the city, and home to the tallest mountain in the South East region. If you’re a nature lover, then Taiwan would definitely be a place to visit!

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