Ulleungdo is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to. In this post, I will share about the things that you can do there.

1. Haengnam Coastal Walk

Haengnam Coastal Walk is one of the best coastal walk in Korea. It offers a diverse view of different rock formations, cliffs and caves. You will be walking with a huge cliff on one side and the vast ocean on the other. Dodong Lighthouse is located at the halfway point of the coastal if you are willing to walk up the steps.

2. Seonginbong Peak

Seonginbong Peak is Ulleungdo’s highest peak at 984 m above sea level. There are multiple routes which you can take to ascend to the peak. I took a taxi up to the KBS relay station entrance which cost me 10,000 won. The trail is very obvious and easy to follow so it is difficult to get lost. One thing that I really loved about hiking up Seonginbong Peak is that there is no one else around. Mountain climbing is one of the locals’ favourite pastime thus most of the mountain trails in Korea are crowded. Thus it’s nice to be alone in the mountain, listening to trees swaying to the wind. Remember to bring some snacks and enough water!

3. Magnificent Marine Sightseeing

Marine sightseeing is a ferry ride that loops around the island. You will get to enjoy the different side of Ulleungdo as you view it from the sea. It is a good way to appreciate the whole island if you are short on time. You can also feed the seagulls with prawn crackers bought on the ferry as they follow the ferry round the island. The whole course is about 2 hours long.

4. Dokdo / Dokdo Museum and Dokdo Observatory Cable Car

Dokdo consist of 2 islands that are 87.4 km east of Ulleungdo. This island is a protected nature reserve that is home to several endangered bird species. You can take a ferry to view the island or take the Observatory Cable Car to view the island from Ulleungdo. There is a Dokdo Museum which houses the history and records of Dokdo being the territory of Korea. The Museum entrance is free so it’s nice to find out more about the places you are at.

There are many more things to do on the beautiful island of Ulleungdo and you should definitely visit when given the opportunity.

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