After settling down, we decided to climb one of the mountains near Seoul to have a good view of the city that we are living in. We climbed the Bukhansan mountain together with the friends that we had met in Hanyang Buddy Program.

  1. How to get to Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan Mountain is a mountain on the Northern periphery of Seoul. We can get there using Public Transport from the city center. From Hanyang University Station, we took subway line 2 and transferred to line 3 and alighted at Gubapal station. We hopped onto a bus and made our way to Bukhansan National Park Entrance. Bukhansan National Park is covers 79.92 km² and has many entrances. So there are multiple ways which you can enter to climb the mountain.

2. Climbing Baegunda Peak

There are many routes for you to take to reach the Baegunda Peak (836.5 m). The routes are classified to Easy, Moderate, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert, you can choose the route based on your skill level (We took expert because it was the shortest). We went during the off peak season so it was not very crowded, however we still see lots of people during our hike.

The trail that we took was paved at the start. We soon reached a boardwalk with steps as we hiked along the river. After 30 minutes of hiking the trail became just rocks for you to step on. The climb was relatively easy until the end where we had to use ropes to hoist ourselves up the steep surfaces. Otherwise, the climb was enjoyable as we chat with our new friends and shared our different experiences from all over the world.


3. At the Peak!

The peak itself was very crowded as everyone queued to take a picture with the sign at the highest point of the peak. I would recommend to avoid the crowd and enjoy the view of Seoul. The pictures taken at the area below the peak are just as beautiful.


4. What to bring and what to wear

As we climbed in the late summer, the weather was perfect and not too cold. Just wear comfortable clothing and a sturdy pair of shoes. Some of the rocks are jagged so a good pair of shoes will protect your feet from getting hurt. Bring water, not cider, as there will no vending machines to replenish your supply for 3 quarters of the hike.

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