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Seoul is a paradise when it comes to shopping for cosmetics or clothes. With so many locations to choose from, it must be difficult to narrow them down. I’ve been in Korea for almost 6 weeks and managed to visit some of the shopping places. Today, I will be sharing with you guys some tips!

For those that are coming for exchange in fall, you will probably arrive in Korea at the beginning of September. As the autumn season will soon be approaching, there will be a variety of summer clothes that will be on sale! If you want to get some affordable and stylish clothes, you should start your shopping spree as soon as you settle down in Korea! Here are some places that I visited:

  1. Goto Mall

Goto Mall is also known as Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Centre is an underground shopping street that sells clothes, accessories, bags, and decorative items. Gota Mall is located at the Express Bus Terminal Subway Station. The clothes there are selling at mostly 10000WON per piece. My friend and I manage to pick up many good and cheap deals that cost as low as 6900WON.

2. Hongdae

Hongdae is a place where many youngsters like to hang out. Besides having the usual stores that you can find at Goto Mall, there are a few branded clothes shop at Hongdae as well. Clothes shops such as Aland, SPAO, ABC Mart are located there. In addition, many cosmetics shops like Innisfree, Etude House, VDL can be found there as well. If you are at Hongdae, do check out the street performances and festivals there as well! Recommended to check out Hongdae on Friday nights or during the weekends.

3. Myeongdong

Myeongdong is known to be the largest and hottest shopping street in Korea. However, Myeongdong has turned to be a tourist hotspot and price tends to be marked up! Personally, I will recommend to only get cosmetics in Myeongdong. The prices of the cosmetics tend to be fixed across the stores and there may be even special discounts that only can be found in Myeongdong. Aside from that, most of the popular cosmetics brands have more than 1 shop within the Myeongdong Shopping Street so you will definitely not miss them!

4. Premium Outlet

The Paju Premium Outlet is a three-story building featuring 220 shops and is known as having the largest number of individual brand stores in Korea. Discounts at the outlets range from 25% to 65% which include everything from clothing to jewelry and housewares. Top brands such as ADIDAS/REEBOK, NIKE, LACOSTE, MICHAEL KORS can be found that. It is definitely a one-stop location that you shouldn’t miss! To go to the Premium Outlet, you will have to take the subway to Hapjeong Station and Take Exit 1. Board Bus #2200 which is about an hour bus ride.

I only managed to share 4 of my favorite shopping locations! There are definitely many more places that are worth to visit in Korea as well! So stay tuned for our weekly updates on our Korea exchange

Till next time!!

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