Taiwan has one of the longest university semesters in the world, which spans across 18 weeks in total. Thus, while many of my fellow SUTD schoolmates have returned from their exchange semester abroad, I spent Christmas and New Year’s Day preparing for finals, finishing up projects, presentations and final submissions. And trying not to miss a little fun.

Here are some pictures of my first Christmas and New Year’s Day outside of Singapore:

On Christmas, we spent the night on the rooftop of one of our friend’s apartment near Ximending. It was a cosy get-together for all of us that spent our first Christmas far from home. There were some European desserts that they made, German mulled wine, some reluctant Christmas caroling requested by the girls, and most importantly the presence of everyone that brought out the essence of the Christmas spirit.

All ready for 2020

On New Year’s Eve, we went to watch the fireworks display at Taipei 101 and the Countdown Concert right beside. Very classic tourist move. Waiting for the fireworks show at 12am reminded me of how much I hated squeezing with everyone for the National Day Parade fireworks in Singapore. Nevertheless, it was still a pretty special moment of ushering in the new year with a 5 minute firework display, as well as conclusion to my exchange semester, in a way that felt almost magical.


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