POSTECH has a wide range of engineering courses (mainly EPD and ISTD related). However, not every course can be mapped to modules in term 6 of SUTD. We had to check for the courses conducted in English and look through their syllables. Once we identified the ones that can potentially be mapped to our track courses, we have to check if there are any conflicts in the class schedules. Then, we have to send the module details to our advisor and track lead for advice/approval. It was kind of frustrating, hoping that all the stars would align. Luckily, we planned our modules early enough to decide on our courses before the application window.

Classes officially start on the Monday of the second week but international exchange students only get to apply for courses on Wednesday. This means that we have a week to attend some classes before applying. We ensured that the classes are conducted in English. (Some professors may decide to teach in Korean even though it was explicitly stated that their course would be taught in English. This depends on the number of international students in the class.)

Since the second week is more of an introduction to the courses, we had plenty of free time to explore Pohang.

We also attended a welcome party planned by our dormitory heads (DICE).

Korea Spicy Noodle Challenge!


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