This coming weekend is the Chuseok Holidays! It is like Thanksgiving plus Mid-Autumn festival in Korea. The holiday lasts around a week and we have around 6 days of break from school including the weekends. Now the weather is cooling down a little as we proceed deeper into Autumn, it is a perfect time for a hike. Korea has many mountains with amazing scenery. We decided to hike up Mudeungsan (无等山) in Gwangju area. Its name literally translates to “incomparable mountain” and has an elevation of 1100m. The hike was really nice and the view at the summit was amazing despite fog from rain.

The best part of the hike were the Korea locals. They are the most friendly and warm-hearted people I have met! On the way there are so many people who would just greet us, strike a conversation and welcome us to the country.

An Ahjussi even invited us to drink Makgeolli (rice wine) with him. It is disrespectful to reject a alcohol drink offered by a senior in Korean custom. He offered to pay but we rejected. In this case, it is basic manners reject gifts/treats (or at least try). This is not the first time some Ahjussi wanted to buy us food. One other time, we were just eating in a small Korean restaurant when a random Ahjussi treated us to tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) just because we are foreigners. Most generous people ever!

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