The curriculum at POSTECH is not as intense as compared to SUTD. It is less project based work so we don’t have to burn all our time in the lab. However, we can feel the workload for homework and mini project assignments increasing by the weeks. Currently, we are still able to finish the work comfortably and still have some time left for recreation (maybe due to training from SUTD). I would play sports with the other international students sometimes and attend some weekly gathering events organised by our international hostel ICs. Every week there will be events like dinner gatherings, movie nights, culture exchanges and CIPs.

I am slowly getting sick of the school food so these dinner outings are really great. The food in Korea is a little more expensive than in Singapore (when comparing to hawker food). An average meal costs around 4000-5000 KRW which is approximately SGD$4.90-6.10. The school food is a little more affordable at around 3000-4000 KRW, which is approximately SGD$3.70-4.90. But I REALLY need my Singapore food!

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