Finals are approaching! With intense study sessions coming upon us, this is the one of the last few weeks to meet up with international friends before they start flying off. Finals in Hanyang University can range between week 14 and week 16. This means that some may finish their exams earlier whilst others are left to wait till the final day of the semester.

Unfortunately for me, I was one of those who had to endure the burden of mugging whilst the rest were free to explore Korea and the nearby countries. Still, the modules are manageable enough to squeeze in several meetups with my classmates (local Koreans and fellow exchange students). If you are lucky, the weather is cooling, the sun is out, and it is warm enough to sit outside a café to enjoy a burger.

Otherwise, you might have some 5 to -6 degree weather to deal with and snuggle indoors. If you are lucky you might have your first snowfall of Seoul during this period too.

Not only can you find friends at Hanyang University, you can also make some with your landlord. Our landlord invited us over to his place for a farewell dinner. The two of them prepared bulgogi and ordered in Korean fried chicken. As per any typical Korean catch-up session, there was much to talk about. Varying from the different Korean alcoholic concoctions, to their first impressions of us, stories of how our landlords were as Hanyang students themselves.

In the end, as the finals and winter seasons begin, don’t forget to grab your buddies and make some memories.

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