Its been a memorable 4 months. Taiwan has much to offer, but nothing compares with its people. The friends I made here are invaluable to me. And it is with a heavy heart that I have to leave in two days.

We had supper with the Taiwanese almost every night. They generously brought us to different supper outlets around the city on their bikes. On top of that, they treated us to hotspot too frequently. I must say, they did this without asking anything in return, and again for every batch of exchange students. Sometimes, I wonder how nice can a Taiwanese get.

We had barbeque sessions with the exchange student in NCTU, and of course the Taiwanese friends. it is from these sessions organised by the ISA – International Student Association – that we got to know each other better, amongst ourselves, and between the exchange students. Kudos to their effort! We got some nice photos too!

Occasionally, we did house visits to one of our homes! This was the place of one of our SUTD students where we cooked our own meals and had fun. The Taiwanese and exchange students were all invited!

I was invited to their graduation photoshoot which I gladly participated. I have finally “graduated” from NCTU.

During the last days of my exchange, they made me stay over at their place, had our last hotpot dinner together,  and even helped me pack my luggage!

When it is time for me to leave for the airport, I realised that I have made friends for life, and I will be missing them terribly.

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