Back in the previous post, I mentioned that I went for a two days camp in a Primary school (新街国小) where my friends and I conducted games and taught the children science experiments.

This time, we went to another primary school (建工国小) for weekly sessions every Tuesday. Instead of playing games, we did homework, read books, learnt about lifeskills, etc.

Aren’t they adorable.

Kids never fail to amuse me.

Such cute, much love.

There are times where the children corrected my mandarin pronunciation and I love it when they teach me Zhuyin 注音。

We ended our last session on Christmas day, and again with a heavy heart I bid them goodbye. Before I left for good, one of the kids whom I was assigned to, as if sensing I wasn’t coming back, asked me for my name. I told him.

“浩诚, 我会记得你,” he said, flashing that same smile he wore when I first met him.

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