Our first buddy day outing was held at Prince Dragon restaurant (籠太子點心專門店) which serves authentic dim sum (點心) in the bamboo steamers. The Dim Sum comes in both sweet and savory form and is a popular dining option of the locals. When the steamed chicken feet dim sum was served, most of the foreign students found the dish to be amusing and avoided it.

The gathering did not simply end at the dim sum restaurant as what I had initially thought. Instead, the group decided to go for a mini hiking trip at 9.30pm. The decision to go for hiking was so sudden that most of us wasn’t even in the proper attire (some even wearing high heels).

The destination for the hike was at garden hill (嘉頓山). Garden Hill is 90 meters tall and oversees the Shek Kip Mei residence area. This outing gave me so much surprises by the end of the night. It was the first time I had ever climbed in darkness without any form of illumination along the path.

The entire path upwards consists solely of steps and took 15 minutes for us to reach the peak. Despite all of us being unprepared for the hiking, we were so captivated by the city’s night view that we bypass the tediousness of the climb.

The brightly lit street is the Yen Chow Street located in Sham Shui Po.

Hong Kong is a city that intertwines seamlessly with nature and I look forward to exploring these trails for my time here!

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