The hiking trip to Lamma Island was the first event organized by the cityU International friends club and it garnered overwhelming responses, with more than 100 participants in total. We took a ferry from the central ferry pier no. 4 towards Yung Shue Wan (The pier located on the northern end of the island), and the journey took around 30 minutes.

On my way to the central ferry pier, I passed by a marathon event located beside the Hong Kong observation wheel

From the ferry, buildings can be seen on the hilly parts of the Hong Kong island

Lamma island is one of the many outlying island of Hong Kong and gives a different vibes from the urban packed central area.

Before we went towards Hung Sing Ye beach, we decide to make a detour to see the Lamma Winds (Hong Kong first wind turbine). There is only one way up to the turbine so we have to hike uphill and downhill from the same slope. The journey upwards was boring and tedious since the views were blocked by trees along the sides of the roads. We were a little disappointed since there is only one turbine at the top with no views in sight. Since the road upwards was rather steep, I would not recommend going up this way during poor weather conditions.

A bowl of cold bean curd dessert bought along the way

The scorching sun forces many dogs on the island to retreat into the shaded areas

At Hing Sing Ye beach, we ate at one of the local eateries serving beef noodles.

The family trail from Hing Sing Ye beach took us upwards to the hilly region where we are able to overlook the surrounding islands

Hing Sing Ye beach

The Lamma Power Station

The views along the way

Hiking downhill towards So Kwu Wan pier

We went on a Sunday, so the trip from Central Pier towards Yung Shue wan costs $21.70 HKD while the trip from So Kwu Wan back to central pier costs $31 HKD. All ferry trips can be paid using the octopus card.

I was glad to be able to visit Lamma island before the Typhoon Mangkhut came since the typhoon left the island in a devastating state, destroying many portions of the family trail. While repair work is currently ongoing, it may require months before the island is able to return to the state that I first saw it.

Journey: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

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