There was a lull week in HKUST, therefore, a group of us students from Hong Kong decided to travel to South Korea for an impromptu short trip! The plan was to do a road trip, from Seoul > JeonJu > Busan > Seoul. Our road trip started in Seoul and we rented a Hyundai Avante as our workhorse for this road trip!

On the first day, we went to Incheon, which is very near to Seoul and had a very unexpected good meal of Korean BBQ. The restaurant was nestled in a quiet district which we found from some food recommendation website. The only meat available was pork belly and it was cooked right in front of us! The combination of good meat parts, superb cooking by the staff and charcoal as the fire source, just made the dinner a very unforgettable one for all of us!

Our first destination was Jeonju, the place which was famous for the Jeonju Hanok Village. Wanting to experience the interesting culture ourselves, we stayed in a Hanok-styled accommodation to experience how the traditional Koreans lived in the past. The futons that we slept on weren’t as comfortable as expected, but I guess it was a pretty good experience just for one night!

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