My parents were in Hong Kong and we were going to Macau for the weekend! I was excited as it was going to be my first-time gambling at the casino in Macau! I took a ferry from HK island to Macau using TurboJet and it was a comfortable and fast ride.

Macau has many casinos and resorts so there’s a wide variety of hotels to choose from. However, these hotels do not are not cheap and usually costs upwards of S$200 per night. However, the bigger hotels do have the convenience of having casinos right at your doorstep! Inside of the casinos, there are many games available ranging from blackjack, poker, baccarat, Sic bo and Fan Tan. Given that it is a Chinese country, you will see that the more popular games available are like Sic bo and Fan Tan.

If you’re looking to bet money and have a physical dealer deal cards to you, you’ll probably have to pay upwards of 100HKD per game. This might not be affordable for students who just want to experience gambling but at a lower price. Luckily, there are lots of machines that replicate the table games and they have a lower barrier of entry. You can actually place a bet for Sic Bo for 10HKD in the machines, as compared to minimum of 100HKD at the physical tables.

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