Hotplate Fish and Beef with Rice - 40HKD

Sai Kung Pier is roughly a 20mins bus ride away from school. There, you can find many seafood options and take a walk along the pier. I went there to eat seafood at 全记海鲜, the prices on the menu are not the cheapest but there is a great variety of fresh live seafood. There are water tanks outside the restaurant which allows you to pick the live seafood that’s on the menu. This place is best avoided during weekends as it is highly popular for its selection of live seafood options!

Selection of fresh seafood!

Honeymoon Dessert requires no introduction for those with a sweet tooth and they started out at Sai Kung Pier! The first ever Honeymoon Dessert store is still running its business at this place today. So do leave some space in your stomachs to have dessert if you are coming to this area for dinner!

Sai Kung Pier at night

After settling in for awhile, you’ll start to get lazy to get out of school to have your meals. Although it only takes around 10mins bus to the nearest shopping mall at Hang Hau, it takes around 15mins to get from your hostel to the bus stop and not including the time you  have to wait for the bus. Luckily, there are still pretty decent food choices in school but at a premium of course.

If you’re a fan of Pepper Lunch then lucky for you! There are hotplate sizzling rice in both of the school canteens. Also, they also have pork/chicken/beef steaks in the LG7 canteen! I have tried them myself personally and they are pretty decent but almost twice the price of an economical meal in these canteens!

Hotplate Fish and Beef with Rice – 40HKD
Hotplate Sirlion Steak – 46HKD
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