It is time to go to Hong Kong, the place where it is known for its popular food and shopping.

I arrived in Hong Kong and the staffs in school did a great job in ensuring that the entire process was smooth. I settled in comfortably and this was my room!

The campus is also nicely nestled in the mountainside next to the sea!

Probably the only inconvenience is that the school is pretty far away from the city, however, due to Hong Kong’s efficient public transport system, it only takes me about 50mins to reach the city area (Causeway Bay) from our school campus.

To pay for things around Hong Kong efficiently, they use the Octopus Card, something similar to our EZ-Link card system back in Singapore. The difference is that the Octopus Card is widely adopted and it just takes one second to tap and money can be paid and transacted instantly!

Till next time!



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