Bread and HK Milk Tea for breakfast.

The food sold in HKUST’s school canteen is one of the things that I look forward to everyday! In the morning, there’s HOT and FRESH bread in Canteen II, which only costs a mere 5-7HKD, I highly recommend getting the bread on mornings that you have early classes.

Meals in the canteen generally costs 20-25HKD depending on what you order. There is also a MacDonald’s on LG5 floor, MacDonald’s in Hong Kong is priced cheaper than in Singapore. I am guessing this might be because of the competition from vast amount of fast paced food options available such as the Canteen II and the Canteen on LG7 in school.

Near towards the hostel, there are many sports facilities such as the running track and field for sports, which is located next very near to the sea, they are also currently building a water sports centre which will be opening soon! There is also a gym below UG Hall VI, however, the facilities in there are generally more cardio-based. Those wanting to do more strength-building will need to head to the main gym nearer to the Starbucks.

Running Track/Sports Field

Till next week!

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