Hello, I am Zhi Yao, ISTD Junior on exchange in Hanyang University in Seoul. Will be blogging weekly to share some of the experiences here. First post will be mainly about admin/per-departure tips.

There’s a few different types of housing in Seoul and this article sums it up pretty well. Currently, I am staying in a Goshiwon located in Wangsimni. The place is near Wangsimni Station & about 10-minute walk from school. Location is pretty good as Wangsimni is on both Line 2 & Line 5(Subway). There’s also a Wangsimni plaza & Hanyang food street behind it. The price is also decent, I am paying about 350,000 won (Converts to about 400 SGD). However, room is actually quite small (<4m²), but I guess it’s a trade-off between location, price & space.


Some of the possible courses taken by those of us who went over to HYU which maps to the track cores (For ISTD). Introductory Korean because our exchange is in Korea and knowing Korean would definitely be helpful. HYU Course List. Do check out the past courses carefully as some of courses are no longer available or no longer offered in English. (Like Machine Learning)

Hanyang SUTD
ENE4019 Computer Networks
50.012 Networks
ITE3051 Artificial Intelligence and Application
50.021 Artificial Intelligence
ITE3016 Database System
50.043 Database and Big Data
BUS3002 Financial Management
40.240 Investment Science (ESD)
GEN9001 Introductory Korean (Level 1)


Orientation/Hanyang Global Lions
Arrive in Korea earlier!!! Orientation was on 29th Aug (Thursday before Week 1) but those who went over to HYU only arrived on 30th Aug. Hanyang Global Lions(HGL) is like a student group which organizes activities for exchange students and there were activities on 29th/30th Aug which missed because we didn’t arrive early. Also, remember to sign up for HY-buddy program & buy the HGL passport.

Will be sharing more about the travelling & school in other posts. Bye~

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