So admin issues (read: blog password buried under 300 emails) have been settled and I can finally talk about Twente.

Let’s go for a quick day by day summary of my last few weeks, shall we:

26 Aug Kick-in (UT’s orientation), saying hi to people
27 Aug Kick-in, I discover that they have earplug vending machines because hearing damage is a serious problem here with so many people partying. Also I eat my first stroopwaffel
28 Aug Kick-in (and 1.10EUR ice cream)
29 Aug Kick-out (yes seriously) closing concert, there was a live band that was p cool but playing unfamiliar songs
30 Aug Kick-out festival, there’s music and games and info sessions from clubs holding games. Also a great drum performance where they used flaming drumsticks and two dancefloors for you to club on, one indoors and one outdoors if you’re feeling too warm in there
3 Sep First day of school where we get rekt by master’s modules. So their bachelors have their courses for the term packaged into one module, so we can’t take possibly take that since frankly it’ll be an insane workload (imagine doing 3x the work for one credit transfer) so we all take masters’ modules here.
4 Sep I discover Happy Italian, a place with huge (like 15” maybe?) pizzas for less than 10EUR
5 Sep A normal, boring school day. Duolingo wishes me happy birthday.
6 Sep My birthday. I get a cake from the (apparently very controversial because it replaced some place of student employment and isn’t really used by the students so students are salty about it) starbucks on campus but it’s too sweet.
7 Sep A normal, boring school day.
8 Sep Berlin!! Our whole group goes to Berlin for Lollapooloza and generally to be tourists. There’s not much time for the latter but we fit some in. The subway stations have beautiful typography. I get to see The Wombats live after discovering them earlier this year, the others get stuck outside David Guetta’s venue because he’s too popular.
9 Sep Imagine Dragons! They waved a rainbow flag onstage and talked about depression and tried to be encouraging and were generally v v wholesome. I was at a concert where someone gave the lead singer a rainbow flag and it turned into a minor controversy for a bit.
10 Sep We get back to school at 3am, get some sleep, and try to stay awake in classes. Coffee is 0.28 cents (and the vending machines are cashless) so that’s doable.
11 Sep The first September 11 goes by for me without hearing about America. We spend waay longer than we should in our simulation class.
12 Sep A car makes a pretty wide turn and I crash my bike, also I explore the asian supermarkets in town for the first time and seriously start considering getting chopsticks like the asian stereotype that I am
13 Sep Jujitsu class gets me wrecked. It’s quite different from other martial arts I’ve tried, so I hit people a bit harder than they may have liked. (though when I joined the judo class the people there can literally fling me, it seems..)


Okay now for the photos to explain more about some stuff.

This is about the only group photo I have of us, apparently we’re not really selfie people? It’s taken at this graffiti/painting on the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Apparently kissing was something socialists did back when communist countries were a thing.

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