Kimjang is the process of making kimchi, the beloved preserved side dish that is served with every korean meal.

We were gathered early in the morning for the kimchi making event. It was outdoors, with many tables lined ready for the making process. Gloves and aprons covered the tables, ready for us.

We started with salting the leaves, digging into each layer of the cabbage. Then, we slathered generous amounts of gochujang sauce. By the end of it, we had piles and piles of seasoned cabbages, ready for fermentation. I can’t remember how many cabbages I had prepared but by the time we were done, it was time for lunch!

The lunch was a simple one, rice and several side dishes served to us by other volunteers. Of course this wasn’t the end of the event.

We were given some time to wash up before we moved onto the packing part of the program. With the kimchi prepared, we packed them into boxes to be given out to the elderly and needy. This was done in the same volunteering centre and there were people with cars and motorbikes ready to collect these boxes and delivering them.

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