N11 cafeteria lunch crowd in motion
I’ve wrote a lot about travelling around Korea but not much about actual school life here in KAIST (oops) so that’s what this blogpost is for! Here’s how my average school day in KAIST goes. First off, I’m taking 4 mods here in KAIST: Text Mining, AI-based Software Engineering, Introduction to Computer Vision, and Korean 1 for International Students.
my timetable
On Mondays, I start my day at 1015 with a 15 minutes walk to my one-to-one Korean class organised by Korean International House (KI House). I signed up for this class because its free! And with one-to-one tutoring, I can set the pace for my own learning. Also, the teachers are volunteers who have graciously set aside time to tutor us. The class usually runs for an hour and then its time for lunch!
North side of campus, 15 minutes from dorms
For lunch, I head to the cafeteria closest to my next class, which is a 10 minutes walk. The lunch crowd begins at 12 and so I try my best to beat it. I usually get the self-service meal which is like the cai fan stall. Lunch usually costs 4,000 won. I finish off my meal with a can of coffee for 700 won from the convenience store also located in the cafeteria.
Lunch at W2 Cafeteria
After lunch, at 1300, I head to my ‘first’ class of the day. We sit in the lecture hall and wait for the prof to arrive. For Intro to Computer Vision class, the professor marks attendance through a short 5 minute quize at the start of the lesson covering what was taught last lecture. So I try to arrive 15 minutes before class starts to study the material. After that, he begins his lecture. There is no discussion, and everyone is listening to the lecturer. Students here reserve their questions for after class. The professor ends his lecture 15 minutes before the officially stated time, giving me just enough time to get to my next class.
campus view from the library, with typhoon incoming
My next class is Text Mining, which is at another building 15 minutes away. The professor takes attendance on some days. Again, he lectures and there is no discussion or activities. Students reserve their questions till the end of the class. Lecture ends at 1600. And after that, I’m done with the day! I head back to the dormitory (another 15 minute walk) and study in my room till 1730, dinner time.
meeting my daily yakult intake
Some days, we head out of campus to ‘west gate’, where there are many restaurants. A meal costs around 10,000 won. If we want to eat cheap, we head to any of the cafeterias for dinner, costing around 4,000 won. We take our time, getting back at 1900.
winner winner chicken dinner
After that, I usually chill, finish up on some work, or write a blogpost like I’m doing now. At 2100, I head to the gym which is located at the first floor of every hostel. It’s free to use for the hostel residences. After a good gym session, I usually call it a night. And that’s how a typical day in KAIST goes!
your day has been blessed by the campus duck
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