Animals in Sweden

  1. Introduction

Animals are lovely and curing creatures that can light up a day. According to a study conducted by Indiana University (2015), viewing cat videos brings a large number of health benefits and productivity boosts. Hope this blog can make your day better as well.

Let’s start with a cute cat photo from online.

  1. Domestic Animals

2.1 Dogs

I think there has not been a single day that I didn’t see any dog – They are simply all over the place. The species are quite diverse, ranging from big and leggy huskies to mini Dashshunds.

There are still many similarities among all the dogs, though.  Firstly, they are generally furry (a trait that I love a lot!). Secondly, they are always clean and well taken care of. Thirdly, they are extremely friendly and quiet. Most dogs are trained to handle people calmly, rarely freaking out in public. In Stockholm, dogs are allowed on public transportation. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities to play with one on the long journey to and from campus.

2.2 Cats

Cats in Sweden are quite athletic. This may be due to the nice weather, or it could be just that the less athletic ones stay indoors all the time so I never have a chance to see them. Still, many domestic cats with collars enjoy a jog outside.

This cat in Gothenburg seems to prefer a sunbath on “his” BMW.

  1. Wild Animals

3.1 Ducks

There is a lake near my hostel, which is home to countless ducks. One fun thing is that if you walk towards the ducks, all of them would walk towards you as well. These ducks are full of curiosity and not camera-shy at all.

3.2 Other birds

Swans, woodpeckers (in the zoo), seagulls, pigeons, crows, magpies

  1. Summary

There are many animals not mentioned here. I once saw a hare on the way back to hostel. A friend of mine said he woke up one day and found a deer staring at him through the window… Cold temperature makes it hard for mosquitoes and millipedes to survive. Of course, not all animals are nice. For example, we need to watch out for ticks when hiking. In general, people live in harmony with the animals.


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