Today is the first day of school. Actually, it isn’t exactly my first day of school since I have been taking some Swedish lessons since early August.

My thoughts so far? Sweden is amazing. I can’t put a finger to what it is, but there’s just something to the people, the culture and the design of everything that is really friendly and welcoming. The weather is great (update: was great, looking back, I’m really thankful I got to experience a bit of summer before the weather went south).

The view from my room. Barbecue pits = Parties. 

I take really bad pictures. Trust me when I say Stockholm looks lot nicer in real life. 

Over the weekend, the few of us SUTD people went on a road trip. It wasn’t all planned and we decided to go on it on a whim. Turned out really fun, probably also because I’m a sucker for impromptu adventures.

I’m bad at telling stories though, so I’ll let the pictures do the work.

One of my few successful panorama shots ft. Zhi-en

How broke college students survive on a budget 101: Homemade sandwiches

The sunset we caught just in time while hiking (Pardon the poor dynamic range of my camera)

Legend has it that this was a burial ground for the vikings. Not very sure about that. It was just cool rocks to us. 

That’s about all for now. School has only just begun so there isn’t much to talk about school for now. Will it be as hectic as SUTD or as chill as what people say about exchange? Stay tuned to find out!

– Jarvin

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