A few weeks back, we want to Taichung for a short 3 days 2 nights getaway during the last long weekend before year-end. There was a break on that Friday because it was NTU’s anniversary!

Planning this trip was a rather huge headache since the group had to settle who was going + comparisons were done on transportation method, possible Airbnb/hostels and we had to decide on an itinerary. Here are some of the information that might be useful for future trip-goers.

Details of price and where we lived in Taichung:

  • $345 for 2 rooms for 2 nights (Fri/Sat). 2 separate rooms with 2 double beds (dorm bed style) each. Near Feng Chia Night Market. https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/4517301?s=51

If there are no pictures under the places, it just means I didn’t take any!

Day 1

Gaomei Wetlands

We had to Uber here since it was so out of the way and we wanted to go before sunset.

Note: It would be good to download and set up your payment method on Uber before going to places you might need taxis at! Alternatively, dial 55688 by cellphone or 405-88-888 by pay phone for the local taxi.

The wind was really strong, so it is advisable to wear a thick jacket and/or a windbreaker. While I was initially concerned about how our feet will dry if we went down and walked on the wetlands, I was glad I still did. Hearing the wind and feeling the water wash over our feet as we walked towards the sun in the horizon, with just the wetlands, the sky and windmills (plus many other people of course) around us, it was a rather relaxing, if not spiritual, experience.

Feng Chia Night Market (Biggest in Taichung)

Day 2

Sun Moon Lake

  • 4000 total for booking a 8-seater car that fetched us from our hostel to Sun Moon Lake and back
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村)

This is a place within Sun Moon Lake. The student price for entering the village + a cable car ride would be 750NTD, which is 100NTD cheaper than normal. So bring your student ID!

Realistic wax figurines and statues accompanying explanations on the lifestyle and mythologies from the different tribes.

Towards the end, we discovered a flower field and what seemed like a castle in the distance. The spaciousness of the area definitely contributed to the dreamy vibes.

National Fine Arts Museum

The buildings around this area were all very modern, more so than any place I have seen in Taipei. There might be free galleries and concerts (subjected to availability of tickets), and we took our time to tour around.

The fog in the room increases and the rotating light speeds up as CO2 concentration goes up

There was even a movie screening on arts films on the rooftop.

Dinner at Din Tai Fung

It was during this dinner that I found out that DTF originated in Taipei, just that DTF in several places around the world are owned by the BreadTalk Group.

I have had minimal experience with Din Tai Fung in Singapore, and this was my first time eating it in Taiwan. The taste of the fried rice, is definitely different — it lacks the wok-hey taste, and is a little more bland. Hopefully, that means it is healthier! It was still an enjoyable meal nonetheless.

Day 3


The prices of food at local breakfast stores are a good way to tell whether things are cheaper in that city.

Miyahara Ice-cream

This appears on almost every single blog I have read on Taichung when I was looking at places to go. There are interesting souvenirs here and the ice-cream is worth a try indeed!

Sun Cake Museum + Sun Cake Specialty Store
The museum is a really small one and provides some background to this popular treat in Taiwan.

The highlight was really the specialty store diagonally opposite the museum, they offer samples of their award-winning sun cakes. I was all ready to buy a box back home as souvenir until someone pointed out that they would expire before the exchange ends. Still, this store has great sun cakes that I would go back for.

Chun Shui Tang (Where Bubble Tea supposedly originated)

Decent and affordable food and a good place for big groups.

And that concludes this post on our trip to Taichung! Hopefully the details are helpful to the next exchange-r looking for an escape from busy NTU.



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