NTU has 18-weeks long semesters and the period from week 8-10 is the mid-terms period. There are no recess or reading weeks here (even for finals), so that definitely makes the school term longer and rather gruelling at times.

The past week has been an especially arduous one, since a difficult assignment for our Computer Vision module got released and the difficulty of the Discrete Mathematics course spiked from the first few weeks. Instead of focusing on the specifics of what I did during this period, I will list some of the studying places one can go to around NTU/dorm!


It should be no surprise that libraries are in this list. In NTU, there are quite a number of libraries everywhere so it should be rather convenient getting to one.

Main Library 

Opening Hours: (M-S) 8am-10pm (Sun) 8am-5pm. 24/7 Study Room

The Main Library is the largest university library in Taiwan. There is a 24/7 study room at the basement, so it is a good place for having uninterrupted late night studying sessions. Besides the study room (which is definitely not the main point of a library!), there is a large collection of books here, including many for niche topics, making it a good place to explore.

Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library

Opening Hours: (M-F) 8.20am-10pm (Sat) 9am-10pm (Sun) 9am-5pm

This library has a more modern vibe to it with its more irregularly shaped shelves and furniture, plus a winding staircase from level 1 to 2. The place is also brighter and catches more sunlight, making it seem like a livelier place to be in.

Study areas (with power outlets)

Multi-Purpose Classroom Building

Opening Hours: (M-F) 8am-9.30pm

NTU Computer and Information Networking Center

Opening Hours: B1 Computer Room is 24/7

There aren’t really power outlets here, but if you just need to have access to a computer and not your laptop, this is a good place to go.


Cafes (with power outlets)

I am personally not a fan of doing work at cafes because I find the need to have to keep out for whether there is a crowd distracting. Plus, easy access to (unhealthy) food and drinks and the compulsion to spend to justify your presence in the cafe is bad for both one’s wallet and diet.

Nonetheless, a change in environment can sometimes be refreshing.

Mr Brown Coffee

Location: No. 236之1號, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
Opening Hours: (Mon-Sun) 7.30am-9pm

There aren’t power outlets everywhere but it is likely you will be able to find some seats in this 3-storey cafe. They have breakfast and lunch menus aside from their normal drinks and desserts, so it is possible to come early and stay for the day.

Eslite NTU Store

Location: No. 98, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
Opening Hours: (Mon-Sun) 10am – 11pm

Last I heard, there is a minimum spend of 80NTD here. This place was recommended to me by a local student and seems to be popular among NTU students who want to read or chat after class.


Opening hours: 24/7

The 7-11 right in front of the Shui-Yuan dorm has some seats and it is rather easy to find power sockets in the store. However, the tables which are suitable for studying/laptop usage tend to be occupied. Additionally, it’s best not to be there during peak hours as there might be space constraints.

That’s it for my list of places to go near NTU and dorm, there are many more spots around one can go to, so have fun discovering them!



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