Satisfy all your different cravings in College Station

If you’re worried that you won’t get used to eating Tex-Mex or American food every day, fret not! There are plenty of choices in CStat, the town of Texas A&M. Here I’ll share with you our secret (okay maybe not-so-secret) food spots in CStat to satisfy your different cravings.

**Disclaimer: there is a severe lack of photos of the food but it be like that.

Mala-Fridays @ Shun-de-Mom

This was probably the first place we went for dinner on our first day, and we immediately became regular customers. We had to limit ourselves to dine here only once a week lest we become too spoilt. That’s how important this place was to us.

Order their spicy boiled fish fillet (水煮鱼片), (麻辣香锅) spicy hot pot and their (油菜) stir-fried vegetable with garlic. You’re welcome.

Taz Indian Cuisine – every other day

Taz holds a special place in our tummy. Their butter chicken and chicken tikka masala are beyond amazing. Every trip to Taz is fulfilling and hits all the right spots. A great place to go when you’re feeling down.

Oh, and they every-day-lunch-buffets.

Yes, Sharetea

If like most Singaporeans, your blood is made of BBT then I got you fam. Although the prices here will be more steep than back home, it’s BBT. If the availability of BBT is a factor for you when deciding where to go for GEXP, then don’t worry.

There also BonAppeTea where you can chill with board games, go crazy with Jenga, and enjoy BBT. A great place to go to chill after class.

Nam Cafe, Pho the cold days

Nothing is better than a warm bowl of pho to warm your soul when the weather starts to get cold. Texas weather is pretty bipolar and can suddenly get really, really cold.

Fuego Tortilla Grill

This list won’t be complete without a good taco place, and this is probably the to-go spot. It gets pretty crowded in the evening, so either go early or grab it to-go. Really anything here is solid, so try everything. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could check out Freebirds for their humongous Monster burritos.


For some reason, this became a mandatory stop before we head out for the weekend. It became quite a tradition. It was either this or Layne’s but we had to have our dose of fried chicken. The Cane’s or Laynes is a never-ending debate, so come to A&M and choose your side.

Author: Khor Zi Long, 2020

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