After an unexpectedly long introduction to cycling culture to Taiwan, I have decided to separate this post so readers who just want to get a bike can get the answers they want quickly! Here are a few ways you can get a bike (true as of 7/10/19!)

1. NTU Shui-yuan second-hand bikes auction

Address: 台大水源校區二手腳踏車拍賣場 No. 18, Siyuan St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

Information on secondhand bike sales

The sale happens once every week and at least for this semester, it was every Thursday 8am. That means if you want to get a bike you should start queuing by 7am and if you want to be able to have greater freedom of choice you should start queuing by 6am.

I went at 6.30am in the morning and there were already people camping in front of me. When I got my number, I was number 38, that’s 37 people who were there before 6.30am!

Queue at 6.30am

Every NTU student can only purchase one bike from here in a year and there are no warranties for the bikes purchased. Every 10 minutes from 8am, a group of 5 people will be allowed to try the bikes for 10 minutes, you’ll have to decide whether you should make your purchase within that time frame!

I am not too sure about the origin of the bikes but according to an NTU student, they are bicycles that have been towed but not retrieved by their owners. After a long time, these bikes will be serviced and put up for sale. I am confused how there can be so many such that they can hold a sale every week however, so I do think there might be other sources!

Prices (in NTD) are: 600, 800, 1200

2. 出清(台大面交)

This is a Facebook group that you can only enter after getting your NTU student ID! NTU students will sell off many of their items here, including bikes! However, bicycles are somehow always very popular, especially those that are reasonably priced, so you will have to pm the seller or say “排”(queue) in the comments section quickly.

Price: 600-3000 (many different types of bikes)

3. Bicycle shop near Xiao Fu in NTU

Address: 台大志雄單車店 / 小福腳踏車行 106, Taipei City, Da’an District, 羅斯福路四段1號

4. Carousell

Yes, there’s Carousell in Taiwan! For those who don’t know what this is, it’s an app for buying and selling of items.

Of course, one can also go to external bicycle shops to get their bikes.

And that concludes this post on where to get your bike as an NTU student!

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