As we ended our 18-hour flight and landed in Singapore, our exchange in KTH, Stockholm, officially ended.

In the past 5 months, I’ve achieved the following:

  1. Went on a cruise trip marathon to Tallin, Riga and Helsinki for three weekends straight.
  2. Visited Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam and tried the finer things in life.
  3. Visited Austria, watched a proper classical music concert after so many years.
  4. Took a trip to St Petersburg, Russia. Impressive place. (Future juniors reading this, visa-free cruises are always better than buses.)
  5. Went to the arctic circle (Swedish Lapland & Narvik, Norway) and ascertained that global warming is real.
  6. Completed 5 courses at KTH.
  7. Did a part-time research internship in one of KTH labs.
  8. Went for the Stockholm Tech Fest hackathon.
  9. Went for the Junction Hackathon in Helsinki.

Not too bad for a 5-month stint. May my last 2 terms of my bachelor years in SUTD be as good as this.


-Wei Ying

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