Need a quick getaway from POSTECH? Bored from man-made buildings and “boring” artificial sculptures? No time to travel for 4 days, but want a break from studies?

Let the photos of Bogyeongsa Temple and Waterfall speak for themselves.

First view on arrival of Bogyeongsa!

Entrance to the world of beauty!


Oppsie, the guardian of the temple mistook us for parking inappropriately. Just saying, we don’t drive, other than by our own bus 11. Had an enjoyable conservation with them nonetheless!!!

Craaaaazy pose number 1: the superstar!

Craaaaazy pose number 2: trying to be enlightened!

Crrrraazzzzyyyy pose number 3: enlightenment achieved!

Excuse my irritating finger please.


Beautyful?? Did you count 12 waterfalls???

We went there a second time (after hurricane) some time later as it was so beautiful! Sorry, no 12 waterfall in this post. We did not complete the hike 🙂

Haha Noob Noob 的 你

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