There is one thing that I have always been wanting to try in Taiwan; and that is setting off Fireworks! I had this idea while on a weekend trip to Taichung. We rode to one of the iconic night scenes of Taichung, called the 月老夜景。It was beautiful to see the city lights shimmer underneath you from the mountain tops; it was as if the stars had all fell from the night sky to form a sea of gold.

This picture does the scene no justice; see it for yourself to appreciate its beauty.

Then we looked back at the scene one last time before we left. I wished there were fireworks to complete the already picturesque view.

So we decided to set off some.

No we did not actually.

But the Taiwanese whom we made close bonds with in this exchange did. Nearing the end of the exchange, they brought us to 豆腐琰 at 竹北。They did a surprise farewell ceremony that touched the hearts of all the exchange students present.

They showed us a little video they made for us, of our experience together, our times together. As the video ended, fireworks set off to light the scene; the song 朋友 filled the air. Tears were shed; hugs were shared. The fireworks flew off into the night sky and then burst into flames all around us while we stood in the epicentre.

I watched the lights and felt it burned an indelible mark in my heart.

This exchange has been doing nothing less than tugging at my heartstrings.

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