Settling down Near Yonsei


After a 6hr Flight, I finally arrived at Incheon International airport. It was rather easy to navigate around the airport as most of the signboards are in English.

However, as I was planning to buy a sim card to use in Korea. There were not many options avaiable especially for a long term usage for 4months. Most of the plans offered were targeted towards tourists and offer data only usages, on top of that there are pretty expensive too.

To get to Seoul, the city area, there were multiple options. However, I chose to take the limousine bus as it was the simplest route. The ride costed me 10,000 won. It is advisable to print out the stop that you are alighting in Korean as the driver could not speak English. However, it was rather convenient as the friendly driver helped me to load up and unload my baggage.

Finally, i arrived at my accommodation after an hour of bus ride. I stay 10 min away from the university main gate and there are plenty of pubs and food stores nearby. The accommodation that I stayed at is called a goshiwon. Though it is small, it comes with a fridge and private bathroom.

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