Yes, I decided to travel to Yangon before exam week. In fact, I went to the airport straight after my final project presentation, worried that I will miss my flight.

Tip: Please try to reach the airport early. There were many exchange students miss their flight as the traffic jam in Bangkok is unpredictable.

Fun fact: Yangon International Airport look very similar to Singapore Airport. I was like confused for a short moment and a quick search on wikipedia:
“Designed by the Airport Development Division of CPG Corporation of Singapore”

Don’t believe? Try go Yangon and you will understand.


Here are some photos in Yangon.

Sule Pagodas:

Shwedagon pagodas:

Inya lakes:

Burmese food:

A lot of food… I used to have a Burmese ex-colleague, and he recommended me to come to this restaurant and order this food over the phone.


Watching movie at Yangon have a strict time slot:

Right after my Yangon Trip, is my first final exam paper 🙁

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