Rainbow at the Falls

Week 4 was a little more interesting as UWaterloo had a Go-Abroad Fair where they encourage their students to go abroad for an exchange experience. We represented SUTD and were pleasantly surprised to find out that Singapore was a dream destination for many and it was highly competitive to get a placing in a Singapore exchange programme. This really changed our own perception of our country as well as made us a little proud to be from Singapore. The three Singaporean universities were clustered together and it was also nice to see each university helping each other out instead of treating each other as competitors and that was really heartwarming.

Go-Abroad Fair

We could not wait for the weekend to arrive as the school has organised an excursion to Niagara Falls for the exchange students. It was a full day trip from 11am to 10pm but it was absolutely breathtaking and worth it. We paid about $63 for the bus to and back from the falls, a short cruise at the bottom of the falls, and a self walking tour where we got to go into the tunnels behind the falls.

Having seen the falls, we could all agree that Canada is beautiful and can’t wait for the other treasures that we can discover in the coming weeks.

Temperature this week took a plunge to about 9 to 13 degrees but it was still bearable and cooling. The sun is still out so it does not feel that cold when we were standing in the sun. A sweater is still sufficient to get by in this weather, as long as you keep your hands warm.

Tip list:
1) Definitely go for the falls excursion, however the walk behind the falls was a little underwhelming as you pay about $17 to walk in a dark damp tunnel just to see water gushing down at the end of the tunnel. However the walk behind the falls also brings you to an outpost at the base of the waterfall where you can feel the full force of the falls.
2) Be prepared to get really wet and soaked during the cruise and walk behind the falls. Ponchos are provided but the falls are just too strong.

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