For this week, i volunteered at the Pohang Protection Animal Yeongil Shelter.

It was a pretty tiring experience but pretty damn fulfilling. All the dogs in the shelter were so cute! There were sooo many of them but the shelter was still very cleaned and each puppy was well taken care off. This photo below is only one of the many “houses” within the shelter.

All the puppies were all vying for love. But it was actually kind of sad to think that people had the heart to abandon their puppies. What did they do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from us humans.. Regardless, what i did during this activity was firstly to clean their tiny “houses” which puppies could hide in, then i fed them and cleaned their cages. I must say, when i held out their food in front of them, i felt like a superstar. All the puppies were so excited and jumping around! I spent so much time playing with all the puppies and making sure i petted each and every one. There was a dog which had its ear cut off and lost a leg. My heart sank when i saw that… For all those who plan to get a dog, please consider adopting them instead of buying them!!! And please take good care of these wonderful beings.

Look at them!!! so friendly and cute!! His name is “gondoori” because he was a strong dog and that’s what it means in korean (If my broken korean serves me correctly).

This lasted for about 4 hours and at the end of it, i was just so exhausted but it was definitely satisfying. If not for the journey to this shelter which will take me about 2+ hours one way, i would definitely go over more often. All of them deserves much more.

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