Warning: These people radiates happiness.


Finally the long awaited term 6 exchange to National Taiwan University(NTU) after our summer break. Fantastic summer break we spent with our internship partners, and a even more fantastic exchange ahead, you know it.

I mean, who doesn’t love Taipei? We have all heard/experienced the food, shopping, party and people of Taiwan. (If you haven’t, you know, its time to get out of your closet and meet some real people!)

So here we are at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport for our first group picture. Sorry Helen, we couldn’t wait.. HAHAHA!

Right after touching down, we headed straight to NTU to check out our lovely hostel. Its pretty much like the one in ALP(Zhe Jiang University, Zi Jin Gang, International Exchange Student Hostel), except for it’s in Taiwan! LOL! Actually, the hostel in ZJU is kinda on steroids. This one is more like the toned down version of ZJU hostel.

Nonetheless, my point is that the hostel in SUTD needs serious improvement! Regardless of size, facilities, sound insulation, or just the amenities around the hostel! Okay! To be fair, SUTD provides mattress.

YESSSS! You heard me right, Their hostel don’t provide mattress! We got to get it from the campus convenient store for a thousand Taiwan Dollar. #rolleyes

Over the next few days, we had to see to the orientation, campus tour, course registration and all those usual stuff. Of course, meeting our local student buddy!

Huiqi’s Buddy Jilin(lady in green t-shirt), brought us to one of her favourite restaurant for dinner and orientate us along the parameters of the campus. And seated beside Jilin is Shajini’s room mate, Yuki from Japan! Kon’nichiwa~~

While Helen is still making her way to Taiwan

So we met Jonathan(Angmoh dude) from Germany and Jeremy(Beside Jonathan) from NUS during the briefing session and headed down to the famous Shilin Night Market with Wilfred’s buddy(lady in pink blouse, center front).

In Shilin Night Market, we tried almost every food we could get our hands on:

1) Fried chicken cutlet version #1

2)Fried chicken cutlet version #2

3) Fried chicken cutlet version #3

4) Rice sausage with pork sausage

5) Taiwanese mochi

6) Black pepper pork bun

7) Pig blood rice cake

8) Smelly Fried Beancurd

9) Taiwan beer

10) Melon milk tea

Who says we can’t explore the city without our buddy? Let us show you how it’s done!


So we decided to march down the streets to find our own dinner in Shida Night Market(The famous night market beside NTU). The half an hour walk in the summer of Taipei is like nothing you could ever imagine.

Oh boy, you think Singapore is hot? Sorry mate, Singapore is made of ice! Haha!

Regardless the harsh weather we still need to take good care of our precious tummy, right?

So we treated ourselves to the famous braised sauce bowl. The braised sauce bowl is basically an à la carte combination from the stall where you pick your favourite ingredients and they cook it for you all in their signature braised sauce.

Verdict? It’s so good that we even ate the picture away, hence no picture of our dinner that night. LOL~~

All in all, first week in Taiwan was really hot, really, really hot.. Food was good, campus was beautiful and hostel was nice.

But the weather is really unforgiving!!!! Seriously, can I lodge a complaint to the government on the weather? Haha! Just joking~

Brought to you by the little angels of SUTD in National Taiwan University~

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