As much as one is excited to go for an exchange at Hanyang University, there are many things to prepare. Let us give you a step-by-step breakdown on what to do to make this transition a seamless one.

From September 2017 to July 2018, the first thing you need to do is to check whether Hanyang course modules are available and suitable for your graduation. Click on the link 1. for course modules.

This will then help you complete your study plan and your credit transfer forms. Click on the link 2. for a sample for EPD EE Course Mapping. You will need to look for your OWN Pillar Mentor, Pillar Head, and HASS Deputy Manager.

In tandem, you would need to apply as a student on Hanyang University’s (HYU) Portal. You just need to wait for an official email with instructions to be sent over. But the tip is to compile these 6 items namely:

1. Colour Passport Photo
2. Passport Scan
3. Official Academic Transcript from SUTD MyPortal
4. Language Proficiency Form
5. Financial Statement from POSB or Bank

Next up, you will want to settle administrative matters painlessly. So, refer to the Excel Workbook here for easy planning.

The first excel sheet consists of Accommodation Options. We chose Marvin Airbnb because males and females can look out for each other and not be separated due to hostel gender restrictions. The price is reasonable and you can invite more guests as the apartment is bigger than individual hostel rooms combined. Click on the hyperlink in the Accom Type to be redirected to their web page.

Next-up is expenses.  Under SGD Cost/ Month, the respective hyperlinks will bring you to their web page for the offers we paid. Like Accommodation was from Airbnb while Airfare was from SkyscannerVISA instructions are also there. TIP 1: Bring A Level Results to prove you are a high school graduate when applying for VISA. TIP 2: Scan a copy of the Welcome Letter, Certificate of Admission and Certificate of Business Registration. ONLY surrender the Certificate of Admission and not every certificate from Hanyang University. You will need the Certificate of Business Registration for Alien Registration Card in Seoul. As for the rest like living expenses i.e. food, the link is from a web page that estimated living costs in Seoul.

Third Excel Sheet is the Course Calendar that was Custom Made. It consists of the Campus Map. If it is too pixelated, you can find the link above the map to download the PDF version here. Fourth Excel Sheet is an example packing list for Males. Fifth Excel Sheet is a sample list for blogging which will be required for SUTD Ambassadors on an exchange.

It’s nearing the date to apply for the modules and here is a GIANT TIP 3. Courses come on a first-come-first-served basis. HASS courses were snapped up within the first second. When I camped and clicked on it, it was FULL. So be ready. Note that Seoul GMT is +0900 while Singapore GMT is +0800. Know when the Course Registration Portal OPENS. The Excel Sheet has a list of Electrical Modules mapped to SUTD Term 6 EE Courses while another folder has Mech Modules listed.

Next, you will want to buy a SIM Card or Portable WiFi Station. It is EXPENSIVE. Here are some options. If you are from M1, you are in luck. You can port over your Singapore Data Plan to Seoul. Too bad Starhub and Singtel has no such offer. For Prepaid SIM Cards, you can try EG SIM or Deals on The issue is that the Data Provided only lasts for 30days.

Lastly, please register on 3 different portals to notify of your absence in Singapore.

1. Student Traveller Data System on SUTD MyPortal (Login before clicking)
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3. Register on NS Portal for Singapore NSMen (Login before clicking)

Please have a Flu Vaccination at the Doctor and Obtain your Certificate of Insurance from SUTD regarding Health Matters.

As for changing money to Korean WON, one place I recommend with better rates would be the Arcade Money Changers at Raffles Place.

Prior to the start of school, you can stay connected to the latest news in Hanyang by finding them on FacebookInstagramKakaoTalkEmailYoutube or School Official Website. There is a Facebook Page that is created collaboratively by the Office of International Affairs and the Long Term International Students for 2017 Fall Students. The list of important contacts can be found in the Excel Workbook as well.

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