Hi, It’s exam week. Exams are usually painful. So I wouldn’t like to discuss about it too much. It triggers bad flashbacks. I would like to talk about my post exam trip to Yilan because it was way more memorable.

One memorable thing I did in Yilan was to visit the Kavalan distillery.

Did you know that the process of aging whiskey in oak barrels was a complete accident? I didn’t know about that. It occured when people had to hide their whiskey from kaypoh people for a very long time. What they did not realize was that hiding the alcohol in the barrels for a long time imparted complex flavors and and made the noxious transparent fluid more pleasant. As you can see from the featured image above, whiskey starts out as transparent, it is only through the aging in the oak barrels that they get imparted the brownish color we are familiar with.

The most memorable thing I did was to make my personal blend of whiskey made from various whiskeys in Kavalan. I call this blend the Hypervalence blend, because it is dedicated to the startup I am working in. As this blend is the only one in existence, it is sacred. Only important people get to sip. You will be blessed with a lifetime of good luck if you should take a sip. Why you ask? I came up with that, like how people come up with supertitious beliefs. It’s as legit as you want it to be.

As this bottle is the only one in existence and sacred. It is valued at infinity dollars.

Later on we checked out the nightmarket at Yilan. This night market thing is a recurring motif of my time in Taiwan, I love night markets.

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