Hej there! Its Rebecca again!
Its been 10 weeks since we stepped foot in Sweden. One thing that us, Singaporeans are crazy about is FOOD. My friends and I have been going around, trying different cuisines and also some local food. So if you are wondering what we have been eating everyday, here is a small glimpse about what life as a Singaporean in Stockholm is like.
Firstly, at Farsta, my floor has organised an international food day every week for one person to cook for the entire floor. This has allowed us to try to food from many different countries!! Here are some photos:

So is a photo when we cooked for our whole floor. We cooked, chicken rice, chicken curry, japanese curry and some vegetables!

Here are some dishes from our East African night, our friends, Merina and Rebecca were fantastic cooks!! Their food was super tasty.

We also managed to try Spanish and American food but unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the food but they were delicious as well!

With 2 other friends and I, we would usually cook simple dishes like noodles, rice, pasta with a meat and vegetables. If we have class in the morning the next day, we would cook a bit more for dinner so that we can pack it to class the next day.

However, even though Sweden’s food can be quite pricey, our school, KTH has loads of restaurants with quite a good range of food. There is a really good restaurant, recommended by my friends in building M, called Brazilia Restaurant which serves really good dishes. Its about 12SGD for a main dish, a salad buffet, and a drink.

Here is a photo of my dish. My main dish includes, potatoes, fish with olives and mushrooms with tomato sauce and sour cream. The salad bar has a large variety of vegetables including carrots, corn, salad, mushrooms, cucumbers and even a special dish, apple pie that day! I was so satisfied with my meal that day. It was one of the best meals I had in Stockholm, legit.

Sweden is also known for this thing they call “fika” where they have coffee and a cinnamon bun(called Kannebulle) or a sweet snack! I think I have fallen in love with Kannebulle cause it just tastes so goooooood. The convenience stores sell a coffee and kannebulle for just 2.50SGD (student price). Swedes love their Kannebulle so much such that they have a day just to celebrate it! We decided to join in the fun by finding a place with better Kannebulles!

We went to this place called Lillebrors and they served pretty nice pastries, i mean aside from our kannebulle. Another place that serves pretty good pastries is Cafe Saturnus. I have not been there but it was recommended by a friend!

It is not cheap to eat out in Sweden but we have had some meals where we tried some local food like this place called Fajsas Fisk where they served tasty fish soup. It is nothing like the fish soup we have in Singapore. The fish and seafood in the soup is really fresh and on top of that, you can even refill your bowl if you are not full after your meal.

hahah the food tastes and looks better in real life. I am just a horrible photographer but it was really good. I am going back again this Friday to have it again. Go there on an empty stomach. They also have a small bread and salad spread.

I also tried this really good Thai place. Even though it is really spicy and on the pricier side, i was happy with my meal! It called Pong and they even have buffet branches at pretty affordable prices. I haven’t tried the buffet yet, but I heard its great. Here is a photo of my friend’s and my food.

And thats all from me!

hej då!

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