Hanyang University organised a Exchange University Fair, where exchange students could promote their university. We signed up for the event and we were lucky enough to get a whole booth to ourselves, when other university had to share booths.

Luckily, we had some freebies to give away such as pamphlets, pens and small goodies that the SUTD international office gave to us before we embarked on this exchange.

Many korean students who were interested in coming to Singapore for an exchange programme came by to ask some questions about our university. It was quite funny as many of them saw the word “design” in SUTD and thought that we offered courses such as fashion design, interior design etc. Some of them looked quite bummed out when they found out it was an engineering school haha. We also met a few korean students who were already going to SUTD for an exchange program and we exchange numbers so we could meet back in Singapore when they came over.

Hanyang University was kind enough to provide a lot of freebies for volunteers! We got free lunch, a Hanyang University sweater, and a ticket in the lucky draw at the end of the fair. Sadly, none of us won 🙁 They were giving out ipads and bluetooth speakers…


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