Here’s to another nauseating trip through the mountains, but this was really worth it.

We toured old streets and ate street food as usual. Here’s one I really liked, Taiwanese doughnuts are delicious.

Then we went to this quaint coffee place to try out Alishan coffee. The coffee has a pretty distinctive sourish taste but it was pretty pleasant to drink. I enjoyed the coffee alot. This was my 4th cup of coffee, and I enjoyed it. The caffeine jitters kept me going. I had only slept 2 hours prior to trip.

Oh hi there, as you can see this is me. All I can say, hair today, gone tomorrow. It’s time to get a haircut soon. Next week, I get my hair transformation.

More pictures of mountains, mountains give you the sense of inspiration that makes you feel amazing. Why you ask? It’s because mountains are big and large and your mirror neurons feel that way and it gives you the tinggly sensation that makes you feel amazing. Is this pseudoscience? Yes, it is, but it sure sounds interesting.

On our trails we saw a massive tree. It is huge. The tree was over 2000 years old. That is older than our grandparents. It’s mindblowing. Who knew that something so old could be alive? You might not know, but I know, because I read encyclopedias and am educated. The reason why the picture of the tree is sideways is because it easier to appreciate the scale sideways. Ok the real reason is because wordpress doesn’t allow me to rotate the image at this point somehow.

Here’s a Shiba inu I met along the way. He is really friendly and cute. I gave him the name Bob, because he looks like a Bob.

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