This week, I embarked on a 4 day trip with some friends to Jeju Island! We took a domestic flight from Gimpo Aiport and began exploring Jeju Island by car.

Road trip with a rental car

Opting for a rental car to get around Jeju Island is not mandatory as there are still other options such as the public bus and taxi. Personally, I would still recommend renting one if you or your friends drive and if there are enough people to split the cost (not too expensive to start off with). Jeju Island is fairly large (twice the size of Singapore!!) with most attractions being sparsely peppered across the island. Not to mention that the roads are well maintained and drives are almost always scenic (especially the coastal routes), which makes driving a strong recommendation to consider!

Locals eating seafood by the coast

Jeju Island has mostly natural attractions, including waterfalls, caves and mountains. Other attractions that surely cannot be overlooked is the food! Famed for their delectable black pork and seafood, we could not wait to taste what Jeju had to offer.

View from Hallasan

On one of the days with clear skies, we hiked Hallasan, which also happens to be Korea’s tallest mountain. Towering at 1950m altitude, with its peak located in the middle of the island, you are able to admire its magnificence from almost anywhere on Jeju Island.

It is also important to begin the hike early in the morning (say 8am), as certain checkpoints along Hallasan close early for safety reasons. The hike lasts almost the whole day so it is crucial to have necessary preparations. Also, I was glad to have brought some small bites and some rolls of kimbap (Korean rice roll) along for lunch on the peak.

Coastal Views

Jeju Island is definitely a place to visit when in South Korea, being one of the highlights of my time spent here so far!

Kwan Meng

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