I had been spending some time at NTU’s Piano Club. It’s fun to get to know other pianists from around the region. The club had notified me that there was a piano recital coming up soon and I decided to join as a performer. I did not have well-prepared material that I could perform on moments notice, but I guess I can prepare something quickly. I had been learning Chopin Op.53 Polonaise for around 3 months and I thought it was a cool idea to perform this piece. This was quite a bad idea. Nevertheless, it was a nice challenge.

The greatest challenge for me was to remember the piece from memory. I only managed to remember the piece the day before the recital, pressure does help a bit with forcing myself to remember. I found the piece manageable technically but memory slips occur occasionally at parts where I realized that I hadn’t prepared that thoroughly. It’s a challenge to balance piano practice and coding. Both are really time-consuming activities. I do find myself being tied between two disciplines. I have to condition myself daily to perform on the piano well, and I have to code daily due to commitments. I do find it hard to be exceptional at both. Given a finite amount of time each day, I occasionally find myself sacrificing piano practice resulting in performances that is not ideal. It’s hard to perfect the details given limited time.

Here’s my performance, I still need more practice. I’m still impressed that I pulled through the performance without having major issues.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wei2Ustc4c]

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