My church is all ready for Christmas!

Wow. Time really flies in Taiwan! It’s the first week of December and we are nearing…. CHRISTMAS!

Haiyan, Wilfred, Nicholas and Shajini just ended their final Mid-Terms paper (Bitcoin) last Friday, so it’s quite a chill week for us this week. We tried our best to make the most out of this week, before the final projects start coming in and we get busier each day.

And I also mean chill literally, because the temperature is starting to fall below 20 degrees Celsius! BRRR. Thankfully, we came well-prepared, but, it is not that expensive to buy one here anyways.

“It is cold, but not that cold…”

(I’m speaking “like-a-Nic”) – but I agree with him. It’s cold when there is wind plus some rain, but a bearable kind of cold. So anyways, here’s some highlights of our (my) week!

MONDAY. Check out our hotpot feast on Monday (the night we received our Capstone project allocation results)! It costs about 6-7 SGD, but comes with free flow rice, sauces, drinks and ice-cream!

唐老鸭 Hotpot

TUESDAY. I helped out at a booth outside XiaoFu with my friends from NTU Cru! We gave out candy canes and little cards, sang Christmas carols and invited students to write on postcards to send home for Christmas (postage paid by the club).

Feeling the Christmas vibes already~

WEDNESDAY. My roomie, Haiyan, went on a hiking adventure to Yangmingshan National Park! The weather was not so good for her, but thankfully, she met a really nice grandpa who kept her company during the trip. (while I went to watch a movie and eat popcorn with my friends from NTU Cru…Think I need more exercise uh-hm.)

FRIDAY. I visited NTU’s Main Library with my groupmates to hunt for some project data for our final project. Check out this collection of old newspapers we came across during our search! They were under the “archives” collection. We even found a machine to sterilize the books in this section, for those who wants to read them.

Archives Section at NTU’s Main Library

Though we did not manage to get any data, we were really thankful for the lady at the counter who very kindly assisted us in our search.

Followed by a nice movie at the local cinema with Haiyan and her project groupmates! (So two movies for me this week!)

SATURDAY. I met up with a friend (of my friend) from SUTD who was in Taipei for the weekend. I really enjoyed the train ride there, the church service, and my time with Xi Yu! (Truth is, they are better than me at getting around Taipei.) Check out these photos I took!

Interesting bird spotted at NTU’s Drunken Lake
Taking the Taiwan MRT train
Xiao Bi Tan Station
Night view at Xiao Bi Tan station (level 6)
Meeting Xiyu!!

Making new friends, and experiencing a different kind of culture and weather~ That’s all for now, look forward to more updates next week!

Can’t wait for Christmas! <3

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