This post is not to mention any sad farewells. Rather this post serves to inform what are the necessary actions to take to ensure a proper closure to exchange.

  1. Ensure that you have submitted all post exam homework

This may sound new but please submit all homework even if their deadlines are after your final exams. There are cases of professors who ask students to submit their final homework to promote their grades from a fail to a pass.

2. Ensure that you give yourself ample time to reach your boarding gate.

Incheon Airport requires passengers to take a rail from the place where you are issued a boarding ticket to your boarding gate. This can be quite a painful experience as if you miss your flight even if you are the fastest runner as you may wait quite long for the rail to reach your boarding gate.

3. Ensure that you update your insurance coverage if you are going to another country for a holiday.

If you do happen to visit Japan, Hong Kong or other countries, please be reminded to inform SUTD Office of International Relations to assist you in changing the details of your insurance coverage from Korea to the country you are visiting. Imagine losing your luggage on the way to your holiday and not being able to claim insurance.

With that, we are signing off.


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