Visited Gyeongju and Busan alongside a few other exchange students that I have met in Hanyang.

We went to Gyeongju on the first day and mainly visited the Gyeongju Yangdong Village which is another one of the UNESCO World Heritage in South Korea. Interestingly, there are still residents around the area. Compared to a city like Seoul, a quiet town like Gyeongju gives off a very different vibes.

On the first day in Busan, we visited the Gamcheon Culture Village which is pretty much a must-go in Busan. The amount of tourist in the area is crazy. I wonder how the residents in those houses cope with this massive amount of people around their living area. After a few hours at the Gamcheon Culture Village, we wanted to head over to Taejongdae for the sunset, but by the time we reached there, the skies were dark. We then headed over to the Busan Tower instead. Compared to the N Seoul Tower in Seoul, the tower is shorter, but nonetheless, the view was amazing.

On the next day, we headed over to Taejongdae. The place is surrounded by the sea with many different places like an observatory, a temple, a park & there was a train service that can bring you around the entire area. We then finish up the day at Haeundae Beach with the beautiful sunset before taking the train back to Seoul.

Gamcheon Culture Village
Busan Tower


Beach at Taejongdae


Sunset at Haeundae Beach
Final Meal at Busan. Entire pot of clam to share between the 2 of us for 14,000.



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