It’s been roughly 1 week since landed and we have finally gone around to explore the food options at the campus!

  1. Chimaek & KBBQ

The King and Queen of Korean cuisine. Chimaek is a mashing of the word “Chicken” and “Maekgu” (Beer). You will find either of these establishments on every other street in Seoul. As the dining culture in Korea is very social, most of these establishments do not offer options for solo eaters, so make sure to have at least someone else with you to share the meal with! It’s hard to choose as there are so many options around campus but a good rule of thumb is: if its crowded, it must be good. The average price will set you back around 8000 – 10,000 KRW, which is still pretty reasonable for a good meal out.

2. Hanyang Cafeteria

The university has several cafeterias around the campus, and they are all pretty decent. A cafeteria will have roughly 5 stores, with each store serving only a single dish. However, every day the menu changes so you will not get bored of the same old stuff! First, decide which meal you want to get, then buy the corresponding coupon at the designated vending machines. Queue up at the store, drop your coupon, and receive a nice hot meal in under 5 minutes. It’s really efficient and it only costs KRW 3,500 – 5,000.



3. Delivery services

The Koreans know what their doing when it comes to food delivery. Have literally anything you want at your door for only 2,000KRW in fees in under 45 minutes. The downsides are that the delivery app is in korean and you need a korean number to make orders. However, there are some online guides that you can follow to navigate your way around the app. In the worst case, just use google translate.

4. Convenience store food

Most convenience stores sell bento sets for roughly 5,000 – 8,000 KRW. Personally, i have not tried it but it may be an option for you if you are feeling lazy but don’t want to pay delivery fees

5. Cooking at the apartment

If you are fortunate enough to stay at an apartment with a furnished kitchen, this is one of the cheaper options when it comes to food. However, don’t bother if you have to buy pots, pan, utensil etc because it is not worth it unless you are literally cooking every day.


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