Week 3 life in Yonsei and the lessons have started to pick up pace. However, the journey to even get settled down was neither pleasant nor straightforward.

Before the trip to yonsei, there was an excel form provided by SUTD on the approved modules that we can take in YONSEI UNIVERSITY. However, after the bidding of modules began there are many instances where the modules clashed. On top of that, there are some modules that were supposely taught in English like the experiment class for EEE, however, I was rejected without explaination for bidding for those modules. In total, such similar experience was felt more than once which made the whole process really fustrating.

To ease this process, I would recommend future students to contact the Office of International Affairs(OIA) before applying for Yonsei to ensure that there were enough modules. Even upon starting school, due to the mishaps I only had 3 modules that was registered even though 4 are required by SUTD.

Students can contact OIA at the following email address:



In the end, I was the only exchange student in my Power Electronics class and the proffessor would sometimes conduct the lessons in Korean which made it really hard for me during lessons and I would have to rely heavily on the textbook. Such incidences should really be highlighted to Yonsei in the future.


Moving on, the Alien Registration Card is a required document for students studying in Korea for more than 90 days. Students should definitely vist the immigration website before heading to Korea as there are several documents required. This is especially important if you have lodging that is outside of school campus and you need supporting documents for your proof of lodging. Fortunately this process was done within Yonsei University during the 2nd week and any student who did it with the school only had to head down once to the immigration office to register the fingerprints.

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